Cancer Patients Ease Physical Discomfort with Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy for Discomfort Management

“These patients want a strategy to ease the physical discomfort they feel in order that they are able to attempt to like their lives to the finest extent that they are able to. They also really need to ease their anxiety levels seeing that most of the people agree that healing is additional probably to occur inside a person who is rested and in a psychological state that may be optimistic… For lots of people with pain troubles, hypnotherapy is a great answer.”

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4 thoughts on “Cancer Patients Ease Physical Discomfort with Hypnosis

  1. Candida Abrahamson PhD

    I’m so glad you’re writing about this to bring it to a wider attention. But hypnotherapy can do even more than ease pain (and yield lower pain medication consumption). Research shows it can help chemo-related nausea, breast cancer-related hot flashes, increase quality of life, and some studies are even hypothesizing it can be useful in the management of the tumors themselves. Check out a summary of the lit at It’s amazing. Candida

    • Candida – You are absolutely right, medical hypnotism can do a lot more for people than just ease their pain. In addition to what you have shared, there is another very informative study conducted by the Mayo Clinic on the use of hypnosis in complementary medicine, discussing the many medical conditions that hypnotism has been found to benefit.

      Hypnosis in Contemporary Medicine.
      James H. Stewart, MD (2005, April).
      Mayo Clinic Proceedings 80 (4):511-524

  2. Thank you for your reply–and I love new research. I’ll have to go check it out. Clearly hypnotism has a lot to offer, for the people who are ready and willing to try it.

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